Rehabilitation And After Care

Recovery from an injury doesn't stop at surgery. At the J. Parket Group, we concentrate on providing you with leading rehabilitation and after care services.

After an accident you might require some rehabilitation to attempt to recover from your injuries. Recovery can involve physical rehab or cognitive rehabilitation based on what you need. Various people could be involved in rehab, including a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist, a dietician, a psychologist, etc.


You may obtain some rehabilitation in the hospital, or the therapists will provide you exercises to do by yourself either in the hospital or when you move home. Some folks need more rehabilitation than others because of the seriousness of their injuries or their kind of injuries, and they'll then be recommended to specific rehabilitation centers.


These include spinal rehab, amputee rehab, or neurorehabilitation. The multi-disciplinary team, composed of physicians, therapists, and nurses will discuss the rehab options and requirements with the individual and their loved ones to choose the most suitable choice, based on what is available. We have also made a template that you can download to write down the individuals' titles you will meet if you want to remember them.


The J Parker Group recovery program has an assortment of functions that will help you recuperate, such as a place where you can shop and consult with your rehabilitation program. You and your therapist may also set and track physiotherapy and other exercises in the Challenges section.